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Best Vegan places in San Francisco, CA
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2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA
Sangria in 61 mentions
Vegan chocolate cake in 76 mentions
Quesadillas de camote in 107 mentions
11 Division St, San Francisco, CA
Veggie burgers in 77 mentions
Magic mushroom pizza in 26 mentions
French fries in 26 mentions
Vegan pizza in 16 mentions
Goat cheese in 23 mentions
The Carlton Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Lamb tagine in 34 mentions
Saha red curry in 22 mentions
Ravioli appetizer in 16 mentions
1007 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA
Spinach masala dosa in 105 mentions
Saag paneer in 41 mentions
Paneer makhani in 14 mentions
Paneer dosa in 9 mentions
Mattar paneer in 4 mentions
903 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA
Vegan ice cream in 137 mentions
Fresh waffle cones in 55 mentions
Dairy free ice cream in 46 mentions
1634 Irving St, San Francisco, CA
Baked tater tots in 252 mentions
Organic hot dogs in 579 mentions
Whole wheat buns in 64 mentions
Veggie dogs in 67 mentions
762 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA
Mushroom miso soup in 116 mentions
Cha ya roll in 134 mentions
Agedashi tofu in 40 mentions
Noodle soups in 55 mentions
Vegan chocolate cake in 28 mentions
572 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA
Fresh spring rolls in 80 mentions
Wonton soup in 40 mentions
Pot stickers in 30 mentions
511 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA
Deep dish pizzas in 339 mentions
Bbq chicken in 24 mentions
Thin crust pizzas in 92 mentions
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